Tec-Spiration is your key supplier for complex, cubic milling parts and assemblies in
the aerospace industry.
Our company is aviation certified according to EN 9100.
We are a member of the ASD specialist group Swissmem and the SWISS AEROSPACE CLUSTER.


Satellites are used in a wide variety of areas such as space travel, research, observation, and communication. In this digitalised world, satellites are becoming increasingly important.

Absolute quality is required from the very first component. These workpieces are made of extraordinary, usually very thin-walled materials with special surface treatments. 

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Rockets are used to transport satellites, materials and people into space or for research.

For our demanding customers, we manufacture various cubic parts in the area of the launch pads, up to parts for the launch vehicles. Special materials with high demands on manufacturing, measurement and material testing are often used.

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The helicopter is a very versatile and indispensable in today's world.

This makes it an essential rescue tool in rough terrain, ideally suited for assembly work in high mountainous areas as well as for transporting people.

Production parts for drive technology or the interior of a helicopter are our daily challenges. With us, you have the right partner for complex 5-axis milling parts in sophisticated materials and thin-walled lightweight components in aluminium.

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Fragment screw engine of helicopter.


Drones are very versatile. With these intelligent, unmanned high-tech aerial vehicle, quality improvements can be achieved in various areas of life.

The focus here is clearly on the production of thin-walled, cubic components in lightweight construction. Of course, high precision and quality are at the essence in this area.

This market is growing rapidly and still has great potential for the future.

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We are authorised to produce high-quality manufacturing parts for aircraft. These are used in a wide variety of areas in both the civilian and military sectors.

The processing of various cubic parts in aerospace-specific materials including the associated surface treatments using our partner network, is one of our strengths.

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Milling cutting metalworking process. Precision industrial CNC machining of turbine metal detail by mill at factory


Complete production of components and assemblies in the areas of combat and support vehicles, air defence, robotic systems and maintenance/repairs.

Required heat and surface treatments with quality tests according to military standards are familiar to us.

Milling metalworking process. Industrial precision CNC metal machining by vertical cutting mill with coolant
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